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Albion Online And Albion Online Gold

Albion Online is a unique project that allows you to feel how it was once good. In addition, the game is really multiplatform, which allows you to start the game at home in the computer's browser, and continue on the portable tablet. With a detailed art style, tactical battles, and ever expanding world, players will have no shortage of battle, exploration, or crafting options to partake in. 

This is a real Middle Ages, with a share of magical tricks. No one sends a beginner to do great things. A man has to live his life and find adventure on his own head. At the very beginning of his free life, the player has to search for clothes, weapons and other pieces of equipment. 

The powerleveling system allows you to create the most unusual character. Freedom of choice helps to make a wizard wearing heavy armor, or turn a terrible warrior into an archer with healing spells. A player can become a trader, blacksmith, artisan, or farmer. The more he does his favorite thing, the faster the quality of the goods produced by the character grows. 

Construction is an important component of the game process. The player does not just build a house as his own home. Every inhabitant of the big world can build a real city with several production buildings, a market, a tavern and houses that can be rented. Under special conditions, such buildings can be broken by other players, so you need to take care of protecting your own settlement. 

In the game there is also PvP. The free killing of everyone on the map brings a good share of keen fun into the gameplay. In some areas, when a player dies, the player loses all the worn possessions, which makes the hunt for rich players even more exciting. 

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